Walk, Talk ‘n Roll 2016

If you are donating to or sponsoring someone for the Walk, Talk ‘n Roll 2016, please CLICK HERE.

To read Chris’s story, please CLICK HERE.

There are many ways to show your support for Walk, Talk ‘n Roll 2016. See below for registration, pledge instructions, information about the Aphasia Institute, and more about our Walk. Will you Walk, Talk ‘n Roll with us on June 12th? Here’s how:
Click here to sign up to fundraise, join a team, customize your own walkathon page, set a fundraising goal, view your fundraising status, or sponsor a participant. (See Step 3 for registering to walk or run on the day of the event, June 12th. This is a separate step and a separate website from all the fundraising functions of the Walk, Talk ‘n Roll.)

Download a pledge sheet or login to your account to send emails to friends, family, colleagues and associates to appeal for their support.

Or, if you are unable to walk with our team, you can click here to sponsor a participant. You might also do a Virtual Walk. (Contact Michael at for more information regarding the Virtual Walk.)

The Walk, Talk ‘n Roll for the Aphasia Institute is part of the Toronto Challenge — a multi-charity event supported by the City of Toronto.  Many different charities participate, so please do one of the following to register for your participation on the actual day of the event. Please note that the links in this step are only for registering to walk or run on June 12th. (Fundraising links are found above in Steps 1 & 2.)

You may register to walk or run either by paper registration form or by credit card online. Links for both are below:

1.  Print this registration form and mail it to the Toronto Challenge with your registration fee payment, or bring it to Fatima at the Aphasia Institute. (You may be additional savings by bringing your registration materials directly to Fatima.)


2. Register online via the Running Room. This is not the fundraising website, which you’ll find in Step 1, above. It is only the registration site. (All fundraising links may be found in Steps 1 & 2, above.)


Visit or email for more information about aphasia and the many ways that the Aphasia Institute is helping people to live successfully with aphasia.



On June 12, 2016, please join hundreds of other members, family members, volunteers and staff for the 19th Annual Walk, Talk ‘n Roll for the Aphasia Institute. You can sponsor a participant, or collect pledges and join us on the day for a 5k run, 5k walk, or 1k walk.

Today, more than 100,000 Canadians live with aphasia – an acquired disorder caused by an injury to the brain. Aphasia affects a person’s ability to communicate and is most often the result of a stroke. An individual with aphasia may experience difficulty expressing him or herself when speaking, understanding the speech of others, and reading and writing. Sadly, aphasia can mask a person’s intelligence and ability to communicate feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Aphasia puts every relationship, every life role, and almost all activities at huge risk. This is why our mission is to break down communication barriers to what most of us take too much for granted.

The Walk, Talk ‘n Roll, the Aphasia Institute’s largest annual fundraiser, provides our community of members, their families, staff, volunteers and other supporters with an opportunity to come together to raise awareness about aphasia and celebrate the successes of our membership. The Walk raises money to support programming and services that give hope to people with aphasia and their families by developing and sharing innovative solutions that reduce language barriers to full life participation.

Funds raised from the Walk, Talk ‘n Roll ensure that we can help every time a new client and family member living with aphasia walk through our doors, because aphasia affects the whole family. We do this via a sophisticated array of programs and resources that serve as a model for many other agencies in Ontario and worldwide. Linking our direct services with research and education has allowed the Aphasia Institute to develop an international reputation.

Please join our team on June 12, 2016.  Every step you take that day – as a fundraiser or a walker – is another step toward achieving that vision for the members of the Aphasia Institute!  Please register as a participant, make a donation or sponsor another walker to help us reach our goal and continue to make a difference to people with aphasia and their families.

Our fundraising goal for the 2016 Walk, Talk ‘n Roll is $80,000 – every cent of which will go directly to funding programs for people with aphasia and their families, moving us ever closer to achieving our vision of removing all barriers to living successfully with aphasia.


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