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Aphasia Awareness Month



Each year, the Walk, Talk ‘n Roll allows us to spread awareness about aphasia by highlighting the story of one of our clients – the negative impact aphasia has had on their life AND the positive ways in which the Aphasia Institute has helped them to navigate their life again… one conversation at a time. (For this year’s story, click here.)


As a supporter of the Aphasia Institute, it is likely you already know what aphasia is. But there may be some statistics you don’t know and some myths you might still believe.

June is Aphasia Awareness Month and a great opportunity for us to highlight aphasia and shed more light on this misunderstood communication disorder. Aphasia Awareness Month also coincides with our annual signature fundraiser, the Walk, Talk ‘n Roll.

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  • In Canada, about 1 in every 3 stroke survivors has aphasia.
  • That’s approximately 166,000 Canadians with aphasia.


(click each image to bust the myth!)

1. Stroke & aphasia don’t affect young people


2. Aphasia affects intelligence


3. Stroke is the only cause of aphasia


4. Aphasia
 only comes from brain injury or stroke

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Photo by Michelle Valberg, Valberg Imaging

Photo by Michelle Valberg, Valberg Imagi


The week of June 5 – 12, 2016 was Aphasia Awareness Week, which this year reached an even greater audience with the participation of Rob Oliphant, Lib., M.P., Don Valley West.
Mr. Oliphant visited the Aphasia Institute on June 3rd to meet several of our Toastmasters members, listened to their personal stories, and witnessed first-hand some of our programs. The following week, Mr. Oliphant made an address before the House of Commons, where he specifically mentioned the Aphasia Institute, shining a light on aphasia and its challenges and announcing the start of Aphasia Awareness Week.
Mr. Oliphant’s visit and speech came just days before our clients, staff, volunteers, board members and family members participated in this year’s Walk, Talk ‘n Roll on Sunday, June 12th.
If you participated, donated, or are already telling the world about aphasia and the Aphasia Institute, we are indebted to you for your support. Thank you!