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Communicatively Accessible Hearing Screening Protocol

The Aphasia Institute is pleased to offer you the communicatively accessible hearing screening protocol (CAHSP).


CAHSP was developed by Lisa Samson, speech-language pathologist, at the Aphasia Institute and Joanne DeLuzio, audiologist.


What is the CAHSP?


CAHSP is a resource for professionals to use with clients who have communication barriers. The CAHSP consists of pictographic resources to help the hearing screener and client who “knows more than they can say” effectively exchange messages related to a hearing screening. The CAHSP also includes an audiometric protocol for clients who “know more than they can say”. CAHSP is designed to be used with individuals who need help to understand information and to express themselves. However, CAHSP was piloted with people with aphasia and consequently some resources included are specific to that population.


Click below to download each item in the CAHSP package, as follows:

01.1 Communicatively Accessible Hearing Screening Protocol

02.1 Hearing vs. Aphasia

03.1 Hearing Screening

04.1 Hearing Screening Follow-Up Form

05.1 Communicatively Accessible Hearing Handicap Questionnaire

06.1 CAHHQ score sheet


You can also download the full CAHSP resource together, here:

Communicately Accessible Hearing Screening Protocol – Full Resource