Ways to Donate
1. Online Donations via CanadaHelps

CanadaHelps is a very easy way to donate to any of our funds, other than our Annual Appeal or Walk, Talk ‘n Roll. These will have their own pages on our website.

To make a donation online using your credit card, please click on the CanadaHelps link below. (Please note that despite the caveat listed on CanadaHelps, we absolutely do send a card to the family member or friend you specify in your notes. As long as you let us know all the details, a tribute card in memory will be sent.)

Donate Now Through!

2. Donation by Mail
3. Donation as Gift
4. United Way Donation
5. Greeting Cards
6. Sponsorship
7. Donate-a-Car
8. FundScrip Gift Cards
Active Funds

By phone or via CanadaHelps.

Our General Fund, which includes the bursary program, is the helping hand that we all need from time to time. Especially for those who are living with the daily challenges of aphasia – a once independent person now needing the assistance of others, both with life and financial needs.

A gift toward this fund is a kind-hearted way to support the many initiatives of the Aphasia Institute and to lend a hand to someone with aphasia. See Ways to Give for how to give by cheque, by credit card or online. If you have any questions, please contact Michael Wiley at 416-226-3636, ext. 21.

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