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Measure of Skill in Supported Conversation/ Measure of Level of Participation in Conversation (for partner with aphasia)

The MSC and MPC are two complementary measures designed to capture elements of conversation between adults with aphasia and their speaking conversation partners. The MSC provides an index of the conversation partner’s skill in providing conversational support. The MPC provides an index of the level of participation in conversation by the person with aphasia. The article  A Set of Observational Measures for Rating Support and Participation in Conversation Between Adults with Aphasia and Their Conversation Partners presents the background to the development of the MSC/MPC, and includes preliminary psychometric evaluation.


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Kagan, A., Winckel, J., Black, S., Duchan, J. F., Simmons-Mackie, N., & Square, P. (2004). A set of observational measures for rating support and participation in conversation between adults with aphasia and their conversation partners. Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation, 11(1), 67-83.