Aura Kagan
Executive Director, Director of Applied Research & Education

Rochelle Cohen-Schneider
Director of Clinical and Education Services (SLP)

Carrie Harrison
Director of Finance and Operations

Catherine Brookman
Consultant, Executive Leadership, Social Enterprise & Program Innovation

Marisca Baldwin
Education and Learning Coordinator

Fatima Cabral
Recreation & Community Integration Coordinator

Michael Chin

Shannon Hill
Volunteer Services Coordinator

Robbyn Draimin
Speech Language Pathologist

Allison Tedesco
Social Worker, Client Services Manager

Caryl Pereira
Administrative Assistant

Lorraine Podolsky
Clinical Mentor (SLP)

Lisa Samson
Speech Language Pathologist

Leanne Buck
Social Worker, Family Services and Outreach

Elyse Shumway
Education Consultant (SLP)

Melodie Chan
Research & Development Coordinator

Clare Thompson
Team Assistant/ Clinical Services

Michael Wiley
Fund Development Coordinator

Razan Rawdat
Knowledge Translation Coordinator

Natalie Muradian
Speech Language Pathologist

Natasha Matar
Art Instructor