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Webinar Group Registration Information – Aphasia Institute

There are two GROUP Registration Options:

A: Up to 12 Participants – $70CAD/per webinar or $200CAD/4-part series
B: Up to 30 Participants – $100CAD/per webinar or $300CAD/4-part series

In addition to an Eventbrite confirmation email you will receive a separate email from Zoom with a link PRIOR to each upcoming webinar.

You will also be asked to fill out a GROUP REGISTRATION FORM so we can send your group members webinar links unique to them as well as handouts prior to the webinars.
If you plan to show the webinars in a group meeting, session or class you can use the unique Zoom = link you will be sent when you register and are not required to fill out the GROUP REGISTRATION FORM.

Collecting ASHA CEUs – There is an additional $10CAD administration fee per participant, per webinar
for those wishing to collect ASHA CEUs. To register for ASHA CEUs:

Things you should know …

  1. The Zoom link each group member receives is unique to them. No sharing, please.
  2. Webinar handouts will be sent the morning of each live webinar presentation
  3. If some group members aren’t able to attend a live webinar presentation they’ll receive an archive link after each live presentation which will expire two(2) weeks after each live presentation.
  4. Survey link – Your group feedback is important to us. Participants will receive a request to complete a short survey after the live or archive presentation. Once completed, group members can send in their names to be added to a draw for a free copy of a resource of their choice from the “Talking To Your … Series.”

Still have questions?
Contact Marisca Baldwin, Education & Learning Coordinator: training@aphasia.ca

"Thank you so much for your accommodation of our presentation and study recruitment efforts! We got much more interest than we ever thought we would, and enough volunteers to keep us busy for a couple of years! ...Thank you for your help with everything! I am really happy to have the Aphasia Institute as a partner in our research. "
- Researcher
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