We hope you’ll join us next month for the second webinar in our Speaker Series.Conversation analysis has been a useful explanatory method for describing the coordinated actions of speakers with aphasia and their partners. This webinar summarizes clinically relevant findings from conversation analytic studies that can help aphasia clinicians recognize conversation behaviours that impact group participation and engagement and measure progress from a strength-based perspective.

Talk the Talk: What Aphasia Group Leaders can Learn from Conversation Analysis

Jamie Azios, Ph.D., Lamar University, Texas, USA

This webinar is offered for 0.1 CEUs (Various level)

"Volunteering at the Aphasia Institute has been an amazing experience. It’s such a great feeling to help someone express themselves, or help someone understand another’s message. It can be challenging sometimes, but that just makes the moment a connection goes through that much more special. More than anything, I really appreciate the strong sense of community that the Aphasia Institute creates and being a part of that community."
- Vidya David, Volunteer
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