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Webinars – Aphasia Institute

Knowledge Exchange Speaker Series: Season 16
An online series distinguished by its focus on aphasia and real-life participation. The webinars provide an opportunity for practicing clinicians to hear from a prestigious group of international aphasia researchers.

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Lyn Turkstra, PhD, SLP

Course Code:    F3 – LIVE/G3 – ARCHIVE
Date/Time:       LIVE: Monday, May 16: 12-1pmET/ARCHIVE: May 17 – 31
Intermediate level

Webinar Description
The lack of a universal system to describe or specify speech pathology treatment creates a barrier to providing cost-effective, patient-centered care that optimizes outcomes. This webinar will focus on the Rehabilitation Treatment Specification System (RTSS), a theory-based framework that addresses the need for a common system to specify rehabilitation interventions. Speech language pathologists will consider how to apply RTSS to their practice to help them articulate their clinical reasoning processes in ways that benefit treatment process, communicate with team members, and translate research findings to clinical care.

Meet the Presenter
Dr. Lyn Turkstra is a Professor in the School of Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University, head of the graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology, and a faculty member in the McMaster Neuroscience Graduate Program. Her research focuses on understanding social communication challenges in adolescents and adults with acquired brain injury, and developing intervention strategies that will optimize long-term social outcomes. Dr. Turkstra was a member of the Rehabilitation Treatment Specification System project funded by the U.S. Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, and is co-author of the Manual for Treatment Specification and the core publications outlining the RTSS application to clinic, research, and development of clinical reasoning.


Course Content – This webinar will focus on the Rehabilitation Treatment Specification System framework.

Financial: Lyn is employed by McMaster University and receives a salary and is currently Scholar in Residence at Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute. She received funding from the Patient-Centered
Research Institute for the Rehabilitation Treatment Specification System project. She will receive an honorarium for this presentation.

Non-Financial: Lyn has no relevant non-financial relationships to disclose.

Emma Power, PhD, SLP

Course Code:    F4 – LIVE/G4 – ARCHIVE
Date/Time:       LIVE: Monday, June 20: 4-5pmET*LATER START TIME*/ARCHIVE: June 21 – July 5
Intermediate level

Webinar Description
There is increased interest in addressing intimacy and sexuality in acquired brain injury. Through the tale of two journeys of a client with aphasia, this webinar will present a synthesis of the issues and research in the field. The common journey and barriers faced by many clients will be contrasted by the journey of what best practice could look like for clients, their speech language pathologist and the interdisciplinary team.

Meet the Presenter
Associate Professor Dr. Emma Power is a speech pathologist and academic at the University of Technology Sydney. She has worked in the area of communication disability following acquired brain injury for over 25 years. Emma’s research interests include sexuality rehabilitation after ABI, communication partner training, and implementation science. Emma has published over 100 peer reviewed publications and obtained over 16 million dollars of grant funding.


Financial: Emma is employed by the University of Technology Sydney and receives a salary. She received research funding by the University of Sydney, NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation, and the Stroke Foundation (Australia). She will receive an honorarium for this presentation.

Non-Financial: Emma’s presentation may include reference to the Intimacy and Relationships: Talking to Your Doctor resource, developed by the Aphasia Institute..

INDIVIDUAL Webinars: $40 – $50*CAD

GROUP RATES for 12 – 20 participants
– up to 12 participants – $70CAD
– up to 30 participants – $100CAD

(+$10CAD/participant to collect ASHA CEUs)


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"I’ve been working at the Aphasia Institute since early 2007 and I love my job. It's incredibly rewarding to work in a collaborative environment where I get to be part of life-changing work for people living with aphasia and the healthcare providers who serve them. I feel affirmed, encouraged and supported as we work together on innovative and dynamic initiatives that accomplish our mission and vision in new, creative and resourceful ways."
- Marisca Baldwin, Staff Member
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