Knowledge Exchange Speaker Series: Season 15
An online series distinguished by its focus on aphasia and real-life participation. The webinars provide an opportunity for practicing clinicians to hear from a prestigious group of international aphasia researchers.

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Course Code:  F6 – LIVE/G6 – ARCHIVE
Presenter:  Julie Liss, Ph.D. & Visar Berisha, Ph.D.
Date/Time:  LIVE: Monday, Oct. 25: 12-1pmET/ ARCHIVE: Oct. 26 – Nov. 9

Intermediate Level

Webinar Description
Social competency – or possessing emotional, cognitive, and behavioral skills for functional engagement with others – is reduced in people with communication disorders. This webinar will introduce an AI approach for objectively analyzing conversational speech to assess a person’s competency for social engagement. Data from various neurological conditions will be reviewed and a vision for application to aphasia will be offered.

Meet the Presenters
Dr. Julie Liss is associate dean and professor in the College of Health Solutions at Arizona State University. She is an ASHA fellow; former editor-in-chief of JSLHR; and co-founder of Aural Analytics, Inc., a speech analytics company. Her recent collaborative work has included machine-learning techniques for automatic assessment of speech, language, cognition, and social competency in various neurological conditions.

Dr. Visar Berisha is associate professor in the College of Health Solutions and the College of Engineering at Arizona State University.  His work resides at the intersection of machine learning and clinical-speech analytics.


Julie Liss and Visar Berisha receive a salary from Arizona State University. They are co-founders of Aural Analytics, Inc. and have ownership interest in the company. They will receive an honorarium for this presentation.

Julie Liss and Visar Berisha have no non-financial relationships to disclose.

Course Content:
This course will focus solely on research findings that took place at Arizona State University on the study of using an AI approach to objectively analyze conversational speech to assess a person’s competency for social engagement.

Course Code:  F7 – LIVE/G7 – ARCHIVE
Presenter:    Jerry Hoepner, PhD
Date/Time:   LIVE: Monday, Nov. 15: 12-1pmET/ ARCHIVE: Nov. 16 – 30

Intermediate Level

Webinar Description
Innovative, evidence-based instruction is necessary to foster learning and implement of participation-based approaches. Hoepner and Sather (2020) developed a model for teaching participation-based approaches, including experiential learning, multi-pronged learning contexts, exposure to lived experience, and learner development. In this webinar, instructional approaches that address these elements will be discussed.

Meet the Presenter
Dr. Jerry Hoepner is a Professor at University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. He teaches anatomy and physiology, neuroanatomy, acquired cognitive disorders, dysphagia, and counseling; co-facilitates 3 brain injury groups and Chippewa Valley Aphasia Camp; researches video self-modeling, aphasia camp, motivational interviewing, counseling, course-embedded clinical experiences, and teaching pedagogies. He is an editor of TLCSD.


Financial: Jerry receives a salary from UW – Au Claire. He will receive an honorarium for this presentation.

Non-Financial: Jerry has a professional non-financial relationship with Chippewa Valley Aphasia Camp as well as TLCSD for his role as editor.

Course Code:  F8 – LIVE/G8 – ARCHIVE
Presenter:  Marion Leaman, PhD
Date/Time:  LIVE: Monday, Dec. 6: 12-1pmET/ ARCHIVE: Dec. 7 – 21

Intermediate Level

Webinar Description
Conversation is an essential venue for people to share their identities with others. Topic initiation and storytelling are two critical ways this occurs. This talk will discuss how these conversational interactions arise in people without aphasia, and provide speech-language pathologists with related skilled techniques for creating these empowering opportunities for people with aphasia in therapeutic conversations.

Meet the Presenter
Dr. Marion Leaman is an assistant professor at the University of Kansas Medical Center, where she is the director of the ALL-CAN-Converse Lab (Aphasia, Language, Learning, communication, and Conversation Lab) She conducts research focused on aphasia intervention that has the goal to improve real world everyday conversation for people with aphasia and their families. Before returning to school in 2015 for her Ph.D., Marion had practiced as a speech-language pathologist specializing in aphasia for 22 years. She is a recipient of a 2021 Tavistock Trust for Aphasia Distinguished Scholar.


Financial: Marion receives a salary from the University of Kansas Medical Center. She will receive an honorarium for this presentation.

Non-Financial: Marion had no non-financial relationships to disclose.



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