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Knowledge Exchange Speaker Series: Season 17
An online series distinguished by its focus on aphasia and real-life participation. The webinars provide an opportunity for practicing clinicians to hear from a prestigious group of international aphasia researchers.

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Nidhi Mahendra, PhD, CCC-SLP

Course Code:    F8 – LIVE/G8 – ARCHIVE
Date/Time:       LIVE: Monday, December 12, 12-1pmET
ARCHIVE: December 13 – 27
Intermediate level

Webinar Description
This webinar will present information for clinicians and researchers working with persons with aphasia on moving beyond conceptual understanding of equity and inclusion to implementing transformative practices in aphasia assessment and treatment. Examples provided will highlight equitable and inclusive service delivery for bilingual/multilingual persons with aphasia, financially disadvantaged persons, and persons with aphasia who live alone.

Meet the Presenter
Nidhi Mahendra is Professor and Chair of the Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences at San José State University. A certified multilingual speech-language pathologist, her areas of expertise are adult neurogenic language disorders, life participation approaches for persons with aphasia and dementia, and equity issues in speech-language pathology. She directs SJSU’s Spartan Aphasia Research Clinic, and is a co-founder of SJSU’s Healthy Development Community Clinic.


Financial:  Full-time salaried employee, San Jose State University. Current grant/research funding from SJSU, El Camino Hospitals, and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). She will receive an honorarium for this presentation.

Non-Financial: Director, Spartan Aphasia Research Clinic at SJSU; Member, Board of Directors, Aphasia Access; Collaborator on BOMPA research project with Dr. Aura Kagan.

Catherine Off, PhD, CCC-SLP

Course Code:    F7 – LIVE/G7 – ARCHIVE
Date/Time:       LIVE: Monday, November 21: 12-1pmET
ARCHIVE: November 22 – December 6
Intermediate level

Webinar Description
This webinar will examine evidence about how family care partners of stroke survivors with aphasia process information and manage their own wellness across phases of recovery, and how care partners have been included in aphasia management across phases of recovery. Strategies for including family care partners across aphasia service delivery models and phases of recovery will be highlighted.

Meet the Presenter
Cathy Off is Professor and Chair of the School of Speech, Language, Hearing, & Occupational Sciences at the University of Montana and is founder of the Big Sky Aphasia Program. Her research focuses on patient, family care partner, and student clinician outcomes in high intensity service delivery models of post-acute aphasia rehabilitation including intensive comprehensive aphasia programs (ICAPs).

Financial: Cathy Off is employed by the University of Montana and receives a salary. She received a grant
from the University of Montana Small Grants Program for a concussion project. She will receive an
honorarium for this presentation.

Non-Financial: Cathy Off is Founder & Director of Big Sky Aphasia Program (University of Montana).
She is Scientific Advisory Board First Chair for the Neural Injury Center (University of Montana). She
holds membership with ASHA, ANCDS, BAS and ACRM.


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"It was an amazing week of learning. A great occasion to deepen and increase my knowledge on treatment for PWA and their families. "
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