Ontario is on its way to leading patient-centred stroke and aphasia care!

People with aphasia know more than they can say. At the Aphasia Institute, we help healthcare professionals like you help people with aphasia to find ways to communicate and participate in healthcare decisions and treatment. With Aphasia Awareness Month upon us, now is an ideal time to provide you with new FREE tools & resources that can make all the difference in breaking through fear and isolation, so they are able to make sense of their lives again.

Thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, internationally recognized tools & training will be FREE in Ontario and beyond until March 2022.

Free for Health Care Providers in Ontario

If you are a health care provider in Ontario, you are eligible to order and sign-up for the below trainings and tools for FREE.

If you are a health care provider, but not from Ontario, please see resources here.

FREE Consultations
The Aphasia Institute is providing free consultation services for you, your patients with aphasia and families related to reducing language barriers and living successfully with aphasia . Please contact us at rcohenschneider@aphasia.ca to continue the conversation.

Also Available – Free Internationally

Looking for more?

Access more resources offered by the Aphasia Institute

Let’s start the conversation

We encourage you to take advantage of these tools, resources, and training courses and apply them to your practice or implement them in your organization. Join us in helping people with aphasia and their families navigate their health care and their lives, one conversation at a time.

For any enquiries about these free tools and resources, contact giftofconversation@aphasia.ca.

"Volunteering at the Aphasia Institute gives me the privilege of seeing people with aphasia take back their lives after stroke. I know I'm making a difference by volunteering at AI every week."
- Ushi Tanna, 20-year Veteran Volunteer
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