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Community Aphasia Program – Aphasia Institute

Community Aphasia Program Dates:

We are currently offering a combination of online and on-site programming. Those who are interested in on-site programming must call to inquire as we have a waitlist.

Term 1: January 8th to June 21st, 2024.
Registered members will be given the Zoom and calling in details upon registration, and are therefore not posted.

Term 2: July 2nd to December 13th, 2024.

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Membership Fee: $2 per year
Program Fee: $292.00 per term (on-site programs have 2 terms per year)
*The Aphasia Institute does not turn anyone away unable to pay the program fee.


Steps to register:

  • Download form
  • Click on each program you want.
  • Once all programs are selected, click save.
  • Email saved form to

Community Aphasia Program (CAP) Schedule

The Direct Service Arm of the Aphasia Institute (the Pat Arato Aphasia Centre) is delivered through a mediator model. Highly trained and specialized volunteers deliver all front line programs. These volunteers are trained and supervised by professional Speech-Language Pathologists

The Community Aphasia Program is the next step in rebuilding bridges for those living with aphasia and reducing feelings of isolation. We offer clients a variety of on-going programs – designed to encourage community involvement and social exchange – including:

Currently Offered Online:

Conversation groups consist of 4 – 8 adults with aphasia.  These groups provide an opportunity for engaging in conversation and sharing of personal opinions and experiences, while practicing communication skills, in a supported and communicatively accessible way. Topics for discussion are determined collaboratively among members and volunteer facilitators.  

A theme-based conversation group for people with aphasia, supported by volunteers, and is focused on discussing sports and all sports-related topics.

The Music Discussion Program is a weekly program, delivered in a conversation group format.  The goal of this program is to engage members with aphasia in lively, interactive and enjoyable discussion about subjects related to music, music genres and anything musical.

In this program, members take a Virtual trip around the world with peers with aphasia, and volunteers, who will support lively discussions about the destination each week. Additionally virtual community outings are offered to points of interest around the city, delivered in a communicatively accessible way.

The Book Group is a weekly program, delivered in a conversation group format. The goal of this program is to give clients with aphasia (members) access to reading and sharing a book or short story. All reading abilities are welcomed and supported in the group.  The goal of the program is to engage people with aphasia in lively discussions about the book or short story. 

The Painting/Creative Arts program at the Aphasia Institute is open to all members with a willingness to try.  No previous experience is necessary.  This program combines self-expression and exploring art techniques with accessible materials.

The Docs Group is a conversation-based discussion group about various documentaries. Documentaries are viewed by the group on a wide variety of topics, followed by rich and lively discussions.

Volunteers show collections of various musical performances and provide opportunities to socialize in a supportive online environment.

A theme-based conversation group for people with aphasia, supported by volunteers, and is focused on discussing sports and all sports-related topics. 

Our  Toastmasters™ Aphasia  Toastmasters™ Club operates in accordance with  Toastmasters™ International as a club for people with aphasia.  Approximately 15 – 20  members with aphasia attend this online weekly meeting which follows a modified  Toastmasters™ meeting structure.  Its goals are to improve self-confidence in speaking in front of an audience and to enable development of leadership skills. 

This program provides opportunities for members to engage in meditation, share, and offer peer support, in a communicatively accessible way.

This program provides opportunities to sing and enjoy music in a group, karaoke-style.

On-Site Only (currently not offered due to COVID-19)

  • Movement and Dance
  • Cards Drop-in
  • Bridge
  • Life Story
  • Gentle Stretch
  • Debate Club
"Thank you for providing me with such detailed resources that I can share with others as well as look back and review myself. "
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