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Talking to Your Family Member/Friend with Aphasia: Conversation Basics – Aphasia Institute

Have you been told that your family member or friend has aphasia?
Like most people, you may never have heard about aphasia before now. Or you may be wondering if your family member has aphasia.
This short video is a companion to an Aphasia Institute pamphlet you may have seen called “Does Your Family Member Have Aphasia? What to Look for and What You Can Do.” The pamphlet includes some basic tips. In this video, we provide a bit more explanation and information.

For best quality, we recommend watching this video on a tablet or computer in full screen.

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    You can download the pamphlet here.

    If you live in Ontario, you can order a “What is Aphasia?” booklet before March 2022 for free!

    "I’ve been working at the Aphasia Institute since early 2007 and I love my job. It's incredibly rewarding to work in a collaborative environment where I get to be part of life-changing work for people living with aphasia and the healthcare providers who serve them. I feel affirmed, encouraged and supported as we work together on innovative and dynamic initiatives that accomplish our mission and vision in new, creative and resourceful ways."
    - Marisca Baldwin, Staff Member
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