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Living Your Best Life Education and Support Program

** Currently offered online only **
The Aphasia Institute offers a range of different programs for individuals with Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA) and their families.

Partner Program for People Living with PPA

The Living Your Best Life Education and Support Program is offered to people with PPA and their family members. This program has two components – Education/Training and Support. Running for a total of 7 weeks, people with PPA and their family members will discuss a range of important topics and learn Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia TM (SCA) – a communication method including tools and strategies to support ongoing conversations.

Program Fee for the PPA program: $225.00 (includes any family members who attend)
*The Aphasia Institute does not turn anyone away unable to pay the program fee.

PPA Referral Form:
To download the PPA Referral Form, click here.

Living Your Best Life Education and Support Program during COVID-19

During the pandemic, our on-site programs are temporarily closed, and the Living Your Best Life is being offered on-line. People with PPA and their family will be invited to participated in the programs from the comfort of their own homes, through Zoom.

Programs for People Living with PPA

Our Community Aphasia Program (CAP) offers a range of recreational, leisure and educational programs which are communicatively accessible. Where appropriate, individuals with PPA are encouraged to participate in our CAP to connect with others who have aphasia.

"My experience with the SCATM training has been an amazing experience in both skill building and knowledge and understanding of persons who are affected by Aphasia – The teaching team at AI are excellent examples of professionals and compassionate teachers. Highly recommend this training."
- Lorraine Pyle, CCSH Belleville, ON
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