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2023 ASHA Convention Changemaker Session – Aphasia Institute
Program Break will run from Dec 18th, 2023 to Jan 5, 2024. Programs resume Monday Jan 8th, 2024.

On Saturday, November 18, Elyse Shumway, Director of Clinical Services and Education, and Aura Kagan, Executive Advisor, Strategy, Applied Research and Education, presented on “Supporting People with Aphasia in Making Their Own Critical Life Decisions: SCA™ in Action” at the 2023 ASHA Convention Changemaker session.

"I’ve been working at the Aphasia Institute since early 2007 and I love my job. It's incredibly rewarding to work in a collaborative environment where I get to be part of life-changing work for people living with aphasia and the healthcare providers who serve them. I feel affirmed, encouraged and supported as we work together on innovative and dynamic initiatives that accomplish our mission and vision in new, creative and resourceful ways."
- Marisca Baldwin, Staff Member
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