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Multi-sector Accountability Agreement (M-SAA) – Aphasia Institute
Program Break will run from Dec 18th, 2023 to Jan 5, 2024. Programs resume Monday Jan 8th, 2024.

Multi-sector Accountability Agreement (M-SAA)

Ontario Health-Central has approved our Multi-Sector Accountability Agreement for the fiscal year 2023/24. This is a public document. Review our approved M-SAA. As of April 1, 2023, the Aphasia Institute was moved to Ontario Health-Toronto. This administrative change was based on a Ministry of Health-approved regional realignment. There is no change in patient care referral patterns or impacts on patient care.  

The M-SAA is a performance accountability agreement established between Ontario Health and community-based services providers like the Aphasia Institute, but it also includes community health centres, community care access centres, and community mental health and addiction providers. The MSAA was implemented to help ensure these organizations provide excellent care to communities.

The funds from Ontario Health-Toronto account for approximately 71% of the agency’s overall income. We also receive funding from the City of Toronto and other income via grants, donations and fees.

Declaration of Compliance

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"Volunteering at the Aphasia Institute has been an amazing experience. It’s such a great feeling to help someone express themselves, or help someone understand another’s message. It can be challenging sometimes, but that just makes the moment a connection goes through that much more special. More than anything, I really appreciate the strong sense of community that the Aphasia Institute creates and being a part of that community."
- Vidya David, Volunteer
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