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Example of SCA – Gerry: Pre & Post SCA Training – Aphasia Institute

Pre SCATM Training Example 

Watch and listen to this video clip of a young doctor who has not yet had Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia (SCATM) training talking to Gerry, a person with aphasia. 

Think about acknowledging and revealing competence as you watch and listen to this interaction. Think about ways you might help your patients with aphasia to communicate. 

Post SCATM Training Example 

Watch and listen to this video clip of the young doctor who has been trained in SCATM, using supported conversation techniques to communicate with Gerry, a person with aphasia. Let’s see what happens after the young doctor quickly learns how to use a few simple supported conversation techniques.

"The training I attended at the Aphasia Institute served to enhance my existing skills in communicating with persons with aphasia and provided me with an abundance of new knowledge and strategies. I feel confident now that I can better communicate with my patients/clients as well as train other professionals and support personnel to communicate effectively with persons with aphasia. The staff are professional and bring a wealth of experience to the table. Great courses!"
- Speech-Language Pathologist who completed the Full Training Institute
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