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Thanks to everyone who attended our 9th Speaker Series.  We’ll be posting topics and presenters for our 10th Series soon which kicks off March 2019!

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Course Code:      F8
Course Title:        Promoting success of personal stories in conversation: Some clinical guidelines
Presenter:             Gloria Streit Olness, Ph.D.
Date:                      Originally presented on Monday, December 3rd

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Course Description
Interlocutors weave personal stories of many types and lengths into everyday conversation.  This webinar introduces a practical framework for clinicians to assess and promote the pragmatic functionality of personal stories embedded in conversation by narrators with aphasia. Behavioral, criterion-referenced observation in natural contexts guides subsequent design of intervention.

Meet the Presenter
Gloria Streit Olness is Associate Professor at the University of North Texas.  She engages in basic and clinically applied research and teaching in neurolinguistics and rehabilitation, with special focus on discourse-based communicative profiles of individuals who have aphasia.  Olness collaborates to advance evidence-based intervention, support, and advocacy for people with aphasia.

Financial: Gloria Streit Olness is Associate Professor at the University of North Texas and receives a salary. She will receive an honorarium from the Aphasia Institute for this webinar presentation.
Non-Financial: Gloria Streit Olness is an affiliate of AphasiaAccess (North America) and the Aphasia Collaborative (North-central Texas.)

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On-line - Self-Directed Learning

An introductory learning module to help you understand the basics of facilitating Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia (SCATM ).

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Your Life: Looking Back, Moving Forward Workshop for Recreationists & Activationists
Tuesday November 27, 2018
9:00am – 4:00pm (includes two breaks + lunch break)

$340.00 (Includes the Your Life Tool Kit)
$240.00 – For participants who already own the Your Life Tool Kit. (You will be required to bring your Tool Kit with you)

Course Description
This one day workshop will provide Recreationists and Activationists with the knowledge and skills to work with clients with communication challenges to co-construct their own personal narratives/stories – their past, present and future. You will learn how to use the Your Life Tool Kit to carry out a successful client-telling program.

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