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Assessment for Living With Aphasia (ALA)

Developed with funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, via the Ontario Stroke Network, this comprehensive assessment package provides tools to better assess the impact of aphasia and identify the factors that affect the quality of life and exacerbate or reduce disability.


Benefits of the Assessment

  • Provides quantitative and qualitative data from the perspective of the person living with aphasia
  • Uses pictographic approach which allows for participation across a full range of severity
  • Based on Living with Aphasia: Framework for Outcome Measurement A-FROM
  • In line with World Health Organization’s ICF
  • Psychometrically sound: demonstrated reliability and validity (n=101)
  • Captures real-life issues for planning and evaluating aphasia treatment and making funding decisions


Price: $350 CAD


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1. Is the ALA intended as an aid for development of therapy goals?
2. Can you use the ALA to assess progress over time?

While one of the motivations for development of the ALA is to assess change/progress over time, please note that to date, only reliability has been formally evaluated. Sensitivity (namely ability to detect change over time) has not yet been formally assessed, although there is anecdotal evidence that the measure is sensitive. We would love to hear from you if you have used the ALA in a pre-post study. 


3. What are its psychometric properties?
5. Can the ALA be used to administer to adult’s who use AAC (may have CP, MS, ALS, possibly ABI)?
6. Can the ALA measure quality of life and particularly leisure aspects of clients with aphasia’s lives pre and post having a volunteer?
7. How do I purchase an ALA?