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ONTARIO ONLY – If you are a Health Care Professional working in Ontario, you are eligible to order up to a maximum of 25 FREE hard copies of the “What is Aphasia?” resource.   Please note: The Aphasia Institute absorbs a significant cost to continue to provide the free booklets at this time. Please only order the amount you need.

To proceed: Please complete the form below.  If you require more than 25 booklets, please contact These will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.    

OUT OF PROVINCE – If you are not in Ontario or would like a hard-copy of the “What is Aphasia?” resource, please click here.  Do not complete this form. 

Order Hard Copies (English and French)

    This resource is Free for Ontario residents ONLY - Please visit our store: *Revised 3rd Edition* What Is Aphasia?

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    "My experience with the SCATM training has been an amazing experience in both skill building and knowledge and understanding of persons who are affected by Aphasia – The teaching team at AI are excellent examples of professionals and compassionate teachers. Highly recommend this training."
    - Lorraine Pyle, CCSH Belleville, ON
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