COMBO: PCR/SCA™ DVD (Pictographic Communication Resource Binder / Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia)


This combo brings together two of our classic resources into one package:

1. DVD: Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia (SCA™)

2. Pictographic Communication Resources Binder (PCR)

This combo contains the following resources:

1. DVD: Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia (SCA™)
Highlights the importance of providing communicative access to participation in social and community life for adults with aphasia. A primary component is a dramatic illustration of the impact of training on the skill of a conversation partner and the difference this makes to how the aphasic adult is perceived. The DVD, which provides the conceptual framework for our training package, is useful for in-services to health professionals such as nurses, physicians, and social workers, in terms of motivation for expanding knowledge and skill as well as increasing awareness of the long-term psychosocial implications of aphasia. (Only available in English.)

2. Pictographic Communication Resources Binder (PCR)
The PCR has been designed with two groups in mind: health professionals (speech-language pathologists, physicians, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, etc.) and conversation partners working under the supervision of a health professional. The PCR is designed to facilitate discussions with aphasic people. Material is innovative in its combination of thematic organization, adult subject matter and depiction, and inclusion of complex topics.


Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm
"Thank you so much for your accommodation of our presentation and study recruitment efforts! We got much more interest than we ever thought we would, and enough volunteers to keep us busy for a couple of years! ...Thank you for your help with everything! I am really happy to have the Aphasia Institute as a partner in our research. "
- Researcher
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