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Participate in Talk, Walk ‘n Roll – Aphasia Institute

The Talk, Walk ‘n Roll for the Aphasia Institute is usually part of the Toronto Challenge — a multi-charity event supported by the City of Toronto. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Toronto Challenge has been cancelled this year.

Instead, we’re asking everyone to take a short time out of their day on Sunday, July 25, 2021, to do the following:

  1. Talk with family or friends in person or on the phone, while you walk or roll in or near your home. Join us – and encourage others to join us – in appreciation of the importance of talk and conversation in our daily lives. This year, our annual Walk, Talk ‘n Roll becomes the Talk, Walk ‘n Roll – highlighting our promise to people with aphasia and their families: “We help you navigate your life one conversation at a time.”
  2. Take pictures of or write a short paragraph on how you celebrated the Talk, Walk ‘n Roll. Send them to us at, and we’ll share them (with your permission) with the rest of the Aphasia Institute community of clients, family, staff, volunteers, and board members.

We wish you safe physical distancing during this crisis. And please keep talking!

"This is a work culture that truly values employee wellness. Hardworking. Inspirational. Hopeful. High Energy. Big Thinking. Educational Focus. The focus on providing hope and support to members and family members is always shining through."
- Julia, Staff Member
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