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Volunteer Application Form – Aphasia Institute


    *Please note that all of our programs require a one year commitment


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    Please indicate the day(s)/time(s) you are available so that we can try to match your interests with the times of our programs:

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    To provide our members with the best service we try to place our volunteers where they will be most comfortable. Please tell us if there is anything in your personal or professional background that we should take into account in this regard, e.g. personal experience with stroke in the family

    "Volunteering at the Aphasia Institute has been an amazing experience. It’s such a great feeling to help someone express themselves, or help someone understand another’s message. It can be challenging sometimes, but that just makes the moment a connection goes through that much more special. More than anything, I really appreciate the strong sense of community that the Aphasia Institute creates and being a part of that community."
    - Vidya David, Volunteer
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