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Strategic Plan 2018 – 2026 – Aphasia Institute

Aphasia Institute Strategic Plan 2018 – 2026

In 2017, the Aphasia Institute engaged in a strategic planning process involving the Board of Directors, management, staff and external stakeholders. The process was intended to set a clear direction given opportunities and challenges. This Strategic Plan guided our work from 2018 – 2022.

Now, the Aphasia Institute is committed to extending the current strategic plan of 2018 – 2022 by four years. Throughout the course of 2023 – 2026 we will continue the mandate to find innovative solutions to address the changing needs of our clients, as well as the needs of the broader aphasia community locally and beyond. As well, we will address the newly added enabling objective under the Enabling Goal, Strengthen Organizational Capacity and Sustainability to: Enhance the health and safety work of the organization with a focused commitment to client, staff and volunteer safety.

A copy of the plan is here. (An aphasia-friendly version appears on page 6 of this document.)


"I’ve been working at the Aphasia Institute since early 2007 and I love my job. It's incredibly rewarding to work in a collaborative environment where I get to be part of life-changing work for people living with aphasia and the healthcare providers who serve them. I feel affirmed, encouraged and supported as we work together on innovative and dynamic initiatives that accomplish our mission and vision in new, creative and resourceful ways."
- Marisca Baldwin, Staff Member
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