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Talk, Walk 'n Roll Is at the Aphasia Institute!
About our Training Approach – Aphasia Institute

You know your clients are competent, intelligent individuals. With Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia (SCA™) techniques, you will learn how to work with clients to overcome the communication barriers aphasia creates, and then help them re-engage in everyday life. Best of all, you can teach clients and their loved ones how to communicate again.

The core of the training program is a two-day workshop designed to provide healthcare professionals with the essentials of SCA™.

Once you have learned the fundamentals of SCA™, we offer workshops that show you how to apply SCA™ principles and techniques to such clinical situations as assessment, counselling, group therapy, renegotiating identity through storytelling and working with your clients and their primary communication partners.

Finally, our training offers you an opportunity to watch our community programs in action at the Pat Arato Aphasia Centre, then teaches you how to develop SCA™ – based programs at your own organization.

From the novice student to the experienced clinician, the Aphasia institute has something fresh and exciting for everyone.


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Full Training* Two-day and three-day core training workshops
Half-day and full-day workshops
*Attendance to B4 and D3 workshops are restricted to Speech-Language Pathologists

"The training I attended at the Aphasia Institute served to enhance my existing skills in communicating with persons with aphasia and provided me with an abundance of new knowledge and strategies. I feel confident now that I can better communicate with my patients/clients as well as train other professionals and support personnel to communicate effectively with persons with aphasia. The staff are professional and bring a wealth of experience to the table. Great courses!"
- Speech-Language Pathologist who completed the Full Training Institute
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