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Talking About Using The Conversational Supports – Aphasia Institute

Talking About Using The Conversational Supports

Talking About Using The Conversational Supports


From our Talking About series (originally Working Together To Help You Where You Live), this pictographic resource is designed to facilitate a conversational partnership between health care practitioners and people with aphasia. It is also ideal for people with limited English language skills. It is based on the techniques of Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia™ (SCA™), developed by the Aphasia Institute.

We have included four resources in this package:

Refer Back




The Refer Back resource helps you manage and summarize the contents of any discussion.

The Yes/No/?  resource should be used during all discussions  as a visual means to indicate a response to a yes/no question.  The ? can be used to indicate ‘not sure’, ‘maybe’, ‘wrong track’ or any ambiguous response.

The Clock resource can be used to discuss time topics including clock time and times of day.

The Goal resource includes the following topics:

  • Identifying a goal
  • Creating steps toward a goal
  • Listing supports
  • Defining success

NOTE: Resource content is gathered by consulting experts on this topic. To the best of our knowledge, this information is accurate. Although we are not experts on this topic, we are experts in how to communicate information to people who know more than they can say (i.e. people with aphasia or other communication challenges).


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"Volunteering at the Aphasia Institute gives me the privilege of seeing people with aphasia take back their lives after stroke. I know I'm making a difference by volunteering at AI every week."
- Ushi Tanna, 20-year Veteran Volunteer
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