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Free Resources (Until March 2022)

  Ontario is on its way to leading patient-centred stroke and aphasia care!

Thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, internationally recognized tools & training will be FREE in Ontario and beyond until March 2022.


If you are a health care provider in Ontario, you are eligible to order and sign-up for the below trainings and tools for FREE.


Virtual Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia (SCA™) Core Training

($888 value) In this two day workshop, learn the theory of SCA™ and have the opportunity to practice the techniques through role-playing and with a group of people with Aphasia. Then learn how to appl y the principles of SCA™ in your own work setting. 





“What is Aphasia?” booklets

($15.75 value) This resource provides basic information about aphasia, and is directed at people whothemselves are suffering from this communication disorder. Pictographic images help to make it easier for people with aphasia to understand.





Working Together Series – digital copy

($150 value) “Working Together: The Complete Series” combines all 21 pictographic resources from our “Working Together To Help You Where You Live” series. This pictographic resource is designed to facilitate a conversational partnership between health care practitioners and people with aphasia. It is also ideal for people with limited English language skills. It is based on the techniques of Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia™ (SCA™), developed by the Aphasia Institute.




FREE Consultations

The Aphasia Institute is providing free consultation services for you, your patients with aphasia and families related to reducing language barriers and living successfully with aphasia . Please contact us at to continue the conversation



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We encourage you to take advantage of these tools, resources, and training courses and apply them to your practice or implement them in your organization. Join us in helping people with aphasia and their families navigate their health care and their lives, one conversation at a time.


For any enquiries about these free tools and resources, contact